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Welcome! We’re so glad you’ve joined us online! The believers at Sheridan Christian Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma are a body dedicated to glorifying God through His Spirit and in the name of His son, the Lord Jesus Christ. We are committed to building and strengthening the family of God through righteous relationship. We invite you to be a part of that vision. We believe God desires that each of us be transformed to the image of His son; and therefore, you will find our church ministers to the needs of your entire family. Our children and youth programs, music, teaching, and other ministries focus on biblical truths that will help you and your family grow up fully in the knowledge of God. Also, it is our prayer that you experience the reality of the Lord Jesus Christ, the RISEN ONE. So, come on in and browse a little…we hope you’ll join us in a service soon, too. - Pastor and Lavone Ellis

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Be Encouraged Through the Inspirations of Pastor Vep Ellis at Sheridan CC
God has a great plan for you and it starts with his words of wisdom. Restore your heart to Him and join His great adventure...
Using Your Strong Arm
Warren Spahn was a winner. He was one of the greatest pitchers and was inducted into the baseball hall of fame. He pitched until he was 40 years old. When asked the secret to his success, Warren Spahn said:
  1. Don’t baby yourself. Push yourself to the limit.
  2. Maintain goals of excellence. Never do less than your best.
  3. Use your God-given abilities to break through your fatigue factor. God gives you a second wind: break through to that other level.
  4. Be willing to sacrifice for the goal you’re after. Be willing to sacrifice lesser things for the greater things. If you’re trying to have it all now, you’ll never have anything.
  5. Think straight.

Let’s take a lesson from Warren Spahn. Learn to think spiritually so you can release the God-given power that’s in your life through your thought life. Paul instructed Timothy in 2 Tim 4 to, “keep your head in all situations, endure hardship.” Say this quote with me as we determine this week to walk by faith: “I will not be defeated because I will never quit! God expects me to be tough-minded and I am! God will turn my worst times into my best times!”

Current topic on Sunday Mornings:
INTEGRITY. How to live a life not doomed for bang ups and crashes!